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One-Dimensional Kinematics

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A hot air balloon has just lifted off and is rising at the constant rate of 2.2 m/s. Suddenly, one of the passengers realizes she has left her camera on the ground. Her friend throws it to her straight up at and initial speed of 10 m/s if the passenger is 2.5 m above the friend when the camera is tossed, how high is she when the camera reaches her on its way up?

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The solution calculates the height at which the camera reaches a passenger on its way up.

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Let the ground be the origin
Let distances above the ground be indicated by x
Let t=0 be the time when her friend throws her the camera
Equation for the hot air balloon:
x=x0+ut+1/2 a t ^2
x=2.5+2.2 t (x0=2.5 since it is 2.5 meters high when t=0 i.e. when the camera is thrown up, and is ...

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