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Acceleration, Speed & Force in a Roller Rink

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Please provide a step by step solution to the following problem.

Tracy (50 kg) and Tom (75 kg) are standing at rest in the middle of the roller rink, facing each other, free to move. Tracy pushes off Tom with her hands and remains in contact with Tom's hands, applying a constant force for 0.75 seconds. Tracy moves 0.5 meters during this time. When she stops pushing off Tom, she moves at a constant speed.

a) What is Tracy's constant acceleration during her time of contact with Tom?
b) What is Tracy's final speed after this contact?
c) What force was applied to Tracy during this time? What is its origin?
d) What happened to Tom? If Tom moved, describe his motion, force, acceleration, and Tom's final velocity.

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Solution Summary

Provides steps necessary to determine acceleration, speed and force.

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