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Balloon with Passengers

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Balloons are often filled with helium gas because it weighs only about one-seventh of what air weighs under identical conditions. The buoyancy force which can be expressed as Fb = (density of air)(g)(volume of balloon), will push the balloon upward. If the balloon has a diameter of 14.0 m, may be treated as spherical, and carries 6 passengers, each of mass 72.5 kg, determine the acceleration of the balloon when it is first released. Assume that the density of air is 1.16 kg/m3 , and neglect the weight of the ropes and basket.

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This solution calculates the acceleration of a Helium balloon carrying passengers.

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If the diameter of the balloon is 14 meters then its radius is 7 meters.

The volume of the balloon = (4/3) * π * (r ^ 3) = (4/3) * ...

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