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Acceleration of object rolling down an incline

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1. Assume you are walking in front of a motion sensor that graphs the distance you have walked (y axis) against time (x axis). Describe the motion that you need to make to produce the following graphs:

a) Line with a positive slope.
b) Line with steeper positive slope.
c) Line with negative slope.
d) Line with zero slope.
e) A Parabola

2. An object is released (from rest) at the top of an inclined plane. After time t, the object has moved a distance d down an incline. What is its acceleration?

3. Show that the acceleration of a solid cylinder rolling down an incline that makes an angle θ with the horizontal is given by a=2/3g sin θ. Use the principle of conservation of mechanical energy.

4. If m1g-T1=m1a, and T2-m2g=m2a, and (T1-T2)R=Iα

Solve these equations simultaneously to arrive at the following equation: (m1-m2)g=(m1+m2+( I/R^2))a

5. If m1g-T1=m1a, and T2=m2a, and (T1-T2)R=Iα

Solve these equations simultaneously to arrive at the following equation: m1g=(m1+m2+( I/R^2))a

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Solution Summary

This solution provides steps necessary to determine the acceleration of the object rolling down an incline.

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