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Acceleration, displacement, trajectory

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Please give detailed answers with solutions so I can learn the way I learn using examples. Thanks!

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The expert examines acceleration, displacement and trajectory.

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Please see attached file and double check the calculations.

001: 175*cos(24 deg) = 159.87m
002: 175*sin(24 deg) = 71.18 m
003: First vector = 9.3j
Second vector = 1.1(i*sin(29 deg) + j*cos(29 deg)) = 1.1(0.4848i + 0.8746j)
= 0.5333i + 0.9621j
Third vector = 6.6i
Total displacement = 9.3j + 0.5333i + 0.9621j + 6.6i = 7.1333i + 10.2621j
Magnitude of displacement =

004: Theta = tan^-1(10.2621/7.1333) = 55.2 degrees

005: theta = tan^ -1(51.3/206) = 13.98 degrees
006: speed relative to the ground =

007: Let x be the second displacement that makes and angle theta with the +ve x-axis
Then ...

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