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    Projectile motion

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    A teacher, 2.256 m tall, throws a basketball towards the hoop which is at a horizontal distance l. The basketball is thrown from the level of the teachers head or again 2.256 m at a velocity of 18 m/s, at an angle of 62 degrees from the horizontal. The height of the hoop 3.048 m.

    1) Neglecting air friction, how long does it take the ball to reach its maximum height in units of seconds.

    2) How long does it take tha ball to reach the hoop in seconds?

    3) What is the horizontal length (l) of the shot in meters?

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    usinθ u=18 m/s
    θ=62O ucosθ

    yo=2.256 m 3.048 m

    0 X


    Once the ball is thrown by the teacher, the ball follows a parabolic path as shown in the fig. above. Let the ball be thrown with an initial velocity u (18 m/s) at an angle θ (62O) with the horizontal. Let all the distances be measured in the X-Y coordinates as shown.

    Let the initial height be yo (2.256m) (initial value of X coordinate is 0).

    The ball is being acted upon only by the gravitational force in the ...

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    The projectile motion of a baseball thrown is determined. How long it takes the ball to reach the hoop in seconds is computed.