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Valid Methods of Discovering Truth

The main goal of research is to discover the truth, and unless researchers carefully follow the scientific method, the fruits of their labor will be meaningless.

1). Briefly define scientific explanations, common sense explanations, and belief-based explanations.

2). Using phrenology, astrology, graphology, palmistry, numerology, or ESP as an example, describe how "scientific explanations" are superior to both "common sense" and "belief-based explanations".

3). How do the "Methods of Authority" and the "Rational Method" connect to this discussion?

Use scholarly sources only to support your answers. Cite your sources using APA format.

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1) Scientific explanations are the most reliable form of explanations, due to the fact that scientific explanations are based upon factual data about a given situation, and an analysis of this data in order to come up with a rational and reliable explanation. Common sense explanations are explanations that are based upon the rational deductions of an individual, without gathering all of the factual data, nor conducting an in-depth scientific analysis of the situation. Belief-based explanations are explanations that are based upon an individual's ...

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This solution discusses various methods of discovering truth.