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List of questions that I have tried to deal with and can't seem to grasp

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I am trying to answer the following questions. I can not seem to grasp the idea of this information, it is confusing me and I need to be able to see
a general idea that will clear it up for me.

What is the distinction between opinion and knowledge?How would the two philosophical schools of thought Epistemology and Metaphysics answer this question? Please give examples.

The interior angles of a triangle equal 180 degrees. What would a rationalist argue that the foundation of this knowledge claim is? How about an empiricist?

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I admire your recognition that you need to be able to "see a general idea that will clear (the relatiionship between these questions) for me."

You have every reason (no pun intended) to feel a little frustrated, probably because the key question in the second set does not seem to be stated clearly (style tip - try to avoid ending a sentence with 'is'). It should probably read: 'What is the foundation of ...

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