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    Code of Ethics, Obligations and Oaths

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    How do codes, obligations or oaths relate to the legal system? For example, does an oath carry legal penalties if violated? Give examples.

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    1. How do codes obligations, or oaths relate to the legal system? For example does an oath carry legal penalties if violated? Give examples.

    Interesting and complex interaction, indeed. For example, ethical codes and principles (which reflect the values and principles of an organization) are also a reflection of the legal system expectations; however not all principles in ethical codes violate legal laws and regulations. For example, the ONLY time Ethical codes and principles violate legal systems is when they are specifically regulated by Laws (i.e., discrimination laws for example are both ethical codes and legally sanctioned). In other words, some ethical principles (i.e., Respect for the Dignity of Persons reflects a value of the organization), and can be sanctioned through the organization (i.e., come before a panel of the organization for disciplinary sanctions ...

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    This solution how ethical codes, obligations and oaths relate to the legal system through numerous examples e.g. does an oath, ethical principle or obligations carry legal penalties if violated? Supplemented with an example of ethicsl code as well.