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    The problems are from probability class.

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    The problems are from 400 level probability class but introductory course. Please specify the terms you use (if necessary) and explain each step of your solutions. Thank you very much.

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    15. A system is composed of 5 components, each of which is either working or failed. Consider an experiment that consists of observing the status of each component, and let the outcome of the experiment be given by the vector ( x1, x2, x3, x4, x5), where xi is equal to 1 if component i is working and is equal to 0 if component i is failed.
    (a) How many outcomes are in the sample space of this experiment?
    Sol: Each xi can take a value either 0 or 1. Since there are 5 values for i, the ...

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    The problems that are in the probability class are determined.