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    Events Probabilities

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    If E and F are events with P ( E U F ) = 5/8, P (E ∩ F = 1/3, and P (E) = ½,
    (a) P(E) (E has a straight line over it)
    (b) P (F)
    (c) P (F) (F has a straight line over it)

    detail each answer:
    (a) ½ (b) 11/24 (c) 13/24

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    The line over the letter means "NOT" and I use the ! symbol as in:

    !E = NOT E

    P(E)=1/2 means that the probability of event E is 1/2.
    So what is the probability of "not E?"
    The probability of "(E) OR (NOT E)" is 1
    (the ...

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    The event probabilities for straight lines are examined.