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    Explicit Euler method

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    Was Euler the ancient fortune-teller? He almost was. One of his principles, the explicit method says that your future days could be predicted from your present day knowing your past provided your time frame is not too large.

    Have a look at the solution to a system of non-linear differential equations system using explicit or forward Euler method. See attached file.

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    Problem: Perform 2-step simulation using explicit Euler method of the following system
    x1'= x2
    x2'=-sin(x1)- x2

    with initial conditions: X(0)=(1,-0.5)

    Explicit Euler method says:
    X(k+1) = X(k) + T*dX
    The explicit ...

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    The solution provides step-by-step and detailed explanation using the explicit euler method for the problem.