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    PDE : Riemann's Method for Solving Cauchy Problem

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    Hello. Thanks for help! I will use * to indicate a partial derivative. For example, u*x denotes the partial derivative of u with respect to x. This is the probelm:

    Use Riemann's method to solve the Cauchy problem:

    u*xx + 4u*xy +3u*yy = 1, u=1 and u*n = square root of 5 times x, on the intial

    curve y=2x.

    If this problem is too difficult, then perhaps you may solve an easier one, just to give me some direction please. The only example I have is the Riemann function for the telegraph equation. It is very different form this question. Again, if this question is too difficult, then any example, along the same lines, will be fine.

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