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    The 1D heat equation

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    Solve the heat equation

    u_t = ku_xx

    for 0<x<L

    With boundary conditions u(0,t)=u(L,t)=0

    Solve for the initial value conditions:

    a. u(x,0) = sin(5*Pi*x/L)
    b. u(x,0) = x
    c. For part b, plot the solution at t=0, 0.1, 1

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    The heat equation is:

    The boundary conditions are:

    And the initial condition is:

    We start with setting:
    That is, and are single-variable independent functions. Thus:
    Plugging (1.5) and (1.6) into (1.1) we get:

    Dividing both sides by and we get a separated equation:
    Now, the left hand side is independent of t while the right hand side is independent of x. This can be true if and only if the two sides of the equation are equal to the same constant.

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