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Finite Elements in Two Lines

1.If two lines intersect in more than one point, then they are
a. parallel
b. inconsistent
c. the same
d. unique
e. none of the above
2.Consider the following linear programming problem.
A coffee merchant sells two blends of coffee. Each pound of blend A contains 80% Mocha Java and 20% Jamaican and sells for $2 a pound. Each pound of blend B contains 35% Mocha Java and 65% Jamaican and sells for $2.25 a pound. The merchant has available 1000 pounds of Mocha Java and 600 pounds of Jamaican. The merchant will try to sell the amount of each blend that maximizes her income. Let x be the number of pounds of blend A and y be the number of
pounds of blend B.
The objective function is
a. .35x + 2y
b. .80x + .20y
c. 2.25x + .2y
d. 1000x + 600y
e. none of the above
3.Out of 30 job applicants, 11 are female, 17 are college graduates, 7 are bilingual, 3 are female college graduates, 2 are bilingual women, 6 are bilingual college graduates, and 2 are bilingual female college graduates. The number of female college graduates who are not bilingual is
a. 1
b. 3
c. 13
d. 19
e. none of the above
4.Suppose that 30% of all small businesses are undercapitalized. Forty percent of all undercapitalized small businesses fail and 20% of all small businesses that are not undercapitalized fail. A small business is chosen at random. The probability that the small business succeeds if it is undercapitalized is
a. .18
b. .56
c. .60
d. .80
e. none of the above

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c. the same

The objective function is ...

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