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Network models

Bechtold Construction is in the process of installing power lines to a large housing development. Steve Bechtold wants to minimize the total length of wire used, which will minimize his costs. The housing development is shown as a network in Figure 12.21. Each house has been numbered, and the distances between houses are given in hundreds of feet. What do you recommend?

The city of New Berlin is considering making several of its streets one-way. What is the maximum number of cars per hour that can travel from east to west? The network is shown in figure 12.22

Solve the minimal-spanning tree problem in the network shown in figure 12.26. Assume that the numbers in the network represent distance in hundreds of yards.

Refer to problem 12-15. What impact would changing the value for path 6-7 to 500 yards have on the solution to the problem and the total distance?

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