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system of linear equations and inequalities

Solve each system by the substitution method.
Section 7.1
X + 3y = 2
-x + y = 1

Section 7.2
#64 Book and magazines. At Gwen's garage sale, all books were one price, and all magazines another price. Harriet bought 4 books and three magazines for $1.45 and June bought two books and five magazines for $1.25. What was the price of a book and what was the price of a magazine?

Section 8.2
Write each union or intersection of intervals as a single interval if possible

Section 8.3
#68: Allocating resources. A furniture maker has a shop that can only employ 12 workers for 40 hours per week at its maximum capacity. The shop makes tables and chairs. It takes 16 hours of labor to make a table and 8 hours to make a chair. Graph the region that shows the possibilities for the number of tables and chairs that could be made in one week.

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54. X + 3y = ...

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The solution elaborates how to solve the system of linear equations using substitution method. It also demonstrates how to graph the inequalities with two variables step by step.