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    Important information about Algebra - Linear Programming

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    11.Irwin Textile Mills produces two types of cotton cloth denim and corduroy. corduroy is a heavier grade of cotton cloth and as such requires 7.5 pounds of raw cotton per yard, whereas denim requires 5 pounds of raw cotton per yard. a yard of corduroy requires 3.2 hrs of processing time;a yard of denim requires 3.0 hrs. although the demand for denim is practically unlimited, the maximum demand for corduroy is 510 yds per month. The manufacturer has 6,500 pounds of cotton and 3,000 hrs of processing time available each month. The manufacturer wants to know how many yds of each types of cloth to produce to maximize profit.
    A. Formulate a liner programming model for this problem.
    B. Transform this model into standard form.
    12. Solve the model formulate in problem 11 for the Irwin Textile Mills graphically
    A. How much extra cotton and processing time are left over at the optimal solution? Is the demand for corduroy met?B.What is the effect on the optimal solution if the profit per yard of denim is increased for 2.25 to 3.00? What is the effect if the profit per yard of corduroy is increased from 3.10 to 4.00? C- What will be the effect on the optimal solution if Irwin Mills could obtain only 6,000 pounds of cotton per month?

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