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Five Questions - Sequences, Linear equations etc.

1) Use inductive reasoning to determine the next three numbers in the pattern: 3,12,26,45.....? (I don't seem to find a pattern?)

2) Find the counterexample to show that the following statemnet is incorrect. "the sum of any odd numbers is divisible by 4. ( I tried several odd numbers and the answer is always divisible by 4)

3) Sandra drove for 234.8 miles and used 12.6 gallons of gas. estimate the number of miles Sandra's car get per gallon? ( will the answer be as simple as 234.8 / 12.6 = 18.6 miles per gallon?)

4) Sam founda number of nickles and dimes, and quarters in his room. he found thre more dimes than nickles but twice as many quartes as dimes. The total value of coins was $5.05, how many coins of each type did Sam find?

5) Use inductive reasoning find the next thre numbers in the patern: 2,9,20,35.... ( I can seem to find a pattern?)

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