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    Graphing Software/Method

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    In our Learning-Team forum, we are to chose a graphing software/method and 'teach' it to the rest of the class. For this assignment, I have chosen the graphing software "Graph 4.x". As part of this assignment, we are to show how to start it, set it up, and how to graph functions (including parabolas and inequalities of 2 variables). The assignment should be in report form with plenty of examples and posted in the Main forum.

    While my assignment is not due until Sunday night, the deadline for input to my Learning Team is tomorrow night. Because I have several chores to catch up on, any help would be appreciative. In closing, I am setting this up for only one credit; however, I do know this will involve more credits than this.

    I am willing to go a few more credits but please keep in mind, individuals do have financial hardships. I am one of those.

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    Installing Graph 4.3 Software:
    Installing Graph 4.3 from your computer is easy. After downloading the installer of the latest Graph software (which is v4.3) from www.padowan.dk, run it and follow these steps:
    - Running the installer will show an Installer Wizard. Click Next to continue. Otherwise, click Cancel.

    - Then, the wizard will ask for you agreement of the GNU Public License. Choose "I accept the agreement" button and click Next to continue.

    - Then choose the destination folder of the installation files. Usually, the Windows installer puts a default destination of ~Program FilesGraph folder. If the default is your preference, just click Next to continue. Otherwise, choose your other preferred destination by pressing the Browse button or typing the destination address and click Next after finalizing the location.

    - Other non-critical options will be presented afterwards. Check the boxes of the settings of your preference (see below) and click Next.

    - The wizard will display the settings you made before ...

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