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Determining the Nearest Integer

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Use the following graph of a function f to determine x or y to the nearest integer as indicated. Some problems may have more than one answer...

Here is the information on the graph:

Where Y would be is f(x) Y=f(x)

if you have your box and have 10 sets on each line, I will start on the 5th set on the lower left side. The line touches -6y and crosses at -5x and continues to y4 and x-3 than slopes back to x3 and -y3 and than to x4 and continues to x5 and y10. From this, I need to know the question above for the following:

1. Y =f(4)
2. Y=f(-2)

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Solution Summary

How to determine the x-value or y-value for a function y = f(x) by reading the graph of the function

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I have attached a copy of what I believe the graph looks like based on the information that you gave me. Please check for clarity.

For future reference: Here are some ways to send a picture of the graph.

1. Present each point on the line as a pair of coordinates i.e. (-5, 0) means when x = -5 then y = 0.
2. Scan the graph into your computer.
Save as a PDF file and attach to your submission.
3. Take a picture of the graph with your phone/camera.
Email the picture to yourself/or upload from your device.
Save on your computer and attach to your submission.

Back to your problem, even without the graph I ...

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