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Finding the Fourier Series

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Please see the attached file for the fully formatted function.

Find the Fourier series, sketch the graph of the function for 3 periods.
Is this a discontinuous graph?
Is it an even or odd function, I know there are Fourier series rules for them.

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A function is analyzed and its Fourier series is found.
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Find the 7 Fourier coefficients of the function...

There is an attached file with further information regarding the problem.

Find by inspection the first seven Fourier coefficients {a0, a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3} of the function:

f(x) = 14-cos(Pi*x/10) + 3sin(Pi*x/10) + 0.5cos(Pi*x/5) + 5sin(3*Pi*x/10)

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