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    Finding a Vertex and Vertex Form and Dividing Complex Numbers

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    1. Find the vertex form of the quadratic function g(T)=2T^2-4T+5 and determine the coordinates of this functions vertex

    vertex form_______________
    the vertex______________

    2. Solve problem following equations algebraically showing all work and steps and solutions


    3. Showing all work

    (-5+12i) divided by (3+4i)=_____________________

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    Hi, here is the solution...


    2t^2 -4t +5 = g(t)

    Here, we have to make the above function in the form of y = (x-h)^2 +k

    Where, (h,k) is the vertex.

    For that, add 1 and subtract 1, we get

    2t^2-4t+5+1-1= f(t)


    (2t-1)^2 +4 = ...

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