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    Compare improper and proper subsets.

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    Sets (Part I)
    1. List all the subsets of { 8, 16, 27, 31, 60}

    2. Determine the number of subsets of {mom, dad, son, daughter}

    3. At MegaSalad, a salad can be ordered with some, all, or none of the following set of ingredients on top of the salad greens: {ham, turkey, chicken, tomato, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, onions, red peppers, hot peppers }. How many different variations are there for ordering a salad?

    4. Let U = {q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z}

    A = {q, s, u, w, y}

    B = {q, s, y, z}

    C = {v, w, x, y, z}

    Determine A â?© (B â?ª C)

    5. Use the Venn diagram to list the set of elements in roster form. Find A â?ª B.

    Assignment Expectations:

    Clearly define sets and set operations.

    Select appropriate set elements and distinquish between sets, subsets, and proper subsets.

    Sets (Part II)
    Also, for the first SLP I want you to put into practice what you have learned about sets and functions. I want you to create three sets, set A, set B, and set C by going through the items you use at work (or in your field).

    Set A will be a list of all of these items.

    Create Set B, from the items in Set A that you think are essential.

    Create Set C, by taking the complement of Set B in Set A, i.e. all of the non-essential items.

    Are sets B and C proper subsets of set A? Explain.

    Submit a one to two page paper with this information along with Part I of SLP by the end of this module.

    Assignment Expectations:

    Identify a set and elements of the set that would make up subsets. from the original set.

    Distinguish between improper and proper subsets.

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    { 27, 31, 60}
    { 16, 31, 60}
    { 16, 27, 60}
    { 16, 27, 31}
    { 8, 31, 60}
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