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    Differential Equations : Particle Position at Time

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    2. A particle moves along a straight line so that its acceleration at time t seconds is (t + 1)2 cm/sec2. The particle's position at time t = 0 is at the origin, and its initial velocity is 1 cm/sec. What is the position of the particle, in cm. at time t seconds?
    A.((t+1)4/12)+(2/3)t-1/12 B.((t+1)4/12)+(2/3)t+1/12 C.((t+1)4+2t-1)/3
    D.((t+1)4+2t+1)/3 E.((t+1)4-1)/4

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    The answer is A.

    Suppose the position of the partical is y and the time is t.
    Then the velocity is y'(t) and the acceleration is y"(t).

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    Particle Position at Time = t Seconds is calculated using a Differential Equation.