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Summation notation to infinity

Calc Questions & Answers

1) Make a List of 10 Mathish words or terms that were covered in this Calculus class and provide a brief definition ( more than 10 words)

2) If Zero * Infinity is considered Non-Sense, What is Zero divided by Infinity? Give a 25 word or so explanation

3) Write the sum 2 + 4 + 6 + .....+ 98 + 100 in summation notation.

4) You want to make a tin can using as little material as possible. If the volume of the can is 64 cubic
inches, what should the radius and height of the can equal?

5) A farmer with 750 feet of fencing wants to enclose a rectangular area, and then divide it
into 4 pens with fencing parallel to one side of the rectangle. What is the largest possible
total area of the four pens?

6) Evaluate
Limit |X|
X ->0- X

7) A car A is travelling north (up) along the y -axis while a car B is travelling west (to the
left) along the x -axis. At a particular instant, car A is at the point (0, 40) (mi) and travelling
north at 50 mi/hr while car B is at (30,0) and travelling west at 30 mi/hr. At what rate is the
distance between the two cars changing at this instant?

8) What is the asymptote of the curve x+1/x. Write a Mathish expression for the Limit.

9) Write the sum (using summation notation) for the approximation to the area under the curve y = x^3 on the interval [1, 3] using 4 equal subintervals, and using the "midpoint rule". You needn't actually calculate the sum.

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