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Rational Expressions Applications Word Problem

In a cancer research lab, you are observing the growth of cancer cells in two specimens, A & B. Specimen A presently has 2160 cells and specimen B has 1200 cells. After recording data for several days, you later determine that the number of cells in specimen A, N(A), is growing ny the formula:

N(A) = 24t^2 + 588t + 2160

where t is the number of days the specimen is in the test environment. Likewise, the data for specimen B indicates that its number of cells, N(B), is

N(B) = 36t^2 + 780t + 1200

a. Write a rational expression and simplify the ratio of N(A) to N(B). Show any intermediate steps.

b. On which day did the number of cancer cells in specimen B overtake that of specimen A?

c. How many cancer cells had developed in specimen B as of the day you calculated in (b)? Show your calculation and write this number using scientific notation.

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