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Algebra Word Problems

The payment sugar beet growers receive is based on the sucrose content of their delivered beets. A sample is taken from each load of beets and the sugar content in the beets is determined by polarimetry of the beet extract. In a typical situation 50 grams of pulverized beet tissue is homogenized with 360 mL of dilute aluminum sulfate. The homogenate is filtered and the optical rotation is determined by use of a polarimeter. For one sample, the following observations were noted:

Tube length = 4 decimeters
Temperature= 20 degrees celcius
Optical rotation (a)= +4.97 degrees
Total volume of extract = 405 mL


1. How much sucrose was contained in the 50 gram sample?

2. If the sugar beet grower receives $0.145 for each pound of sugar, what would he receive for one metric ton (1000 Kg) of beets?


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