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Public Health Law and Tort Litigation

Briefly explain the characteristics of tort litigation.

What are your concerns after reading the Bloomberg case?

Do you think society should allow you to use the courts to address this public health problem?

Congress addressed this question in the Protection of Lawful Commerce of Arms Act. Do you agree or disagree with Congress' decision? Why?

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Briefly explain the characteristics of tort litigation.

Tort litigation in America involves the seeking of compensation for personal injury or illness through the courts. In tort litigation a person who has been harmed is considered a plaintiff and the plaintiff argues that the manufacturer of a product or the distributor or retailer, who is the defendant, is responsible for any damages sustained from the usage of their product. The tort liability emanates from the premise of damages incurred as a result of product defect, the failure to make the product reasonably safe for users, or failure to warn users about foreseeable risks associated with the product that are aware to the defendant. For tort litigation to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that the ...

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The expert examines public health law and tort litigation. Whether congress addressed this question in the protection of lawful commerce of Arms Act is discussed.