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    Professionalizing prison work

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    Your textbook names five main problems and issues that affect the efforts to professionalize prison work. Name and explain four of these five problems. What can you suggest to improve these conditions? 250 words please.

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    I don't know which textbook you are using, but the problems that affect the efforts to professionalize prison work are very standard and they have been at the forefront of this industry for the past several years. One of the main problems is that there is a shortage of professionals in this field, which has been a recent trend. Basically, institutions do not have the selection that they had a decade or more ago, in terms of applicant choices. Students entering into college aren't specializing in this type of work, and instead are choosing other areas within the criminal law and criminal justice field. An additional problem is that once qualified applicants are hired, they still need to go through training. Unfortunately, in this profession, applicants can't exit college and enter into the field ...

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    This solution discusses five main problems and issues that affect efforts to professionalize prison work.