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    Facial reconstruction

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    In 1500 words I need help explain in detail how the following will be used in facial reconstruction:
    What is odontology?
    How is this process used in facial reconstruction?
    Bone formation
    What are the 3 primary cells that make up bone, and what is their function?
    What information can be obtained from the skeleton with regard to growth?
    How many bones are in the skull (face/head), and how are they important?
    What are the major muscles in the face, and what do they control?
    What can be learned about the identification of the person based on the muscles?
    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    What is odontology?

    Odontology represents a science that studies human teeth and their surrounding tissues with the objective focused upon preventing diseases or curing diseases. In reference to forensic science, forensic odontologists represent the elite of odontology as these dentists are specially trained in their science with extensive experience that is used to assist in the identification of unknown remains, trace bite marks, and other areas of forensic science associated with teeth such as facial reconstruction. Forensic odontology is used when other means of identification have been unsuccessful in identifying human remains, and this science has been instrumental in assisting in the investigations of mass fatalities such as plane crashes and natural disasters.

    The duties of a forensic odontologist entail being capable of assisting in autopsies by conducting cranial measurements, obtaining dental impressions and x-rays from the remains of the deceased, and taking photographs. In the case of missing people or unknown remains, the forensic odontologist attempts to match these samples so that remains can be identified. Bite marks on a body can also be matched to a suspect wherein the forensic odontologist attempts to use the dental impressions to match with the bites from the crime victim. A forensic odontologist has to remain prepared to provide expert testimony on their scientific approach by keeping detailed reports about their examinations and conclusions to explain the process while also justifying their assessment in court to a judge or jury.

    Forensic odontology is primarily a science focused upon bite mark evidence but can also assist in identifying human remains, medico-legal assessment of trauma to oral tissues, and testimony about dental malpractice.

    How is this process used in facial reconstruction?

    The use of odontology in facial reconstruction is placated upon attempting to sculpting facial features over the cranium, mandible and associated dentitions. Facial reconstruction operates under the theoretical framework that facial features are determined by ...

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