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    Crime Scene Preservation

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    In 250 words, discuss the steps you would take to preserve the integrity of a crime scene. Describe five types of evidence you found in the interactive crime scene. Explain how to preserve each of the five pieces of evidence.

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    Step 1
    The integrity of the crime scene will be preserved by establishing a perimeter, evacuating non-involved persons, preventing unauthorized persons from entering, preventing damage, creating a log, recording names and times of persons, and maintaining control of the scene,
    The first type of evidence was tire tracts at the scene of the crime. There were tread impressions and markings. These are preserved by taking one to one photographs using tripod, ruler, and level. Next, casts of the tire tracts are made using dental stone. Once hardened, the casts are packed in paper and submitted to the lab. The second type of evidence at the scene of crime was shoe prints. For shoes there are extensive model ...

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