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    Fuller's: "The Case of the Speluncean Explorers"

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    I am writing a 15-20 page paper covering this case. I need help identifying all of the philosophical issues (NOT LEGAL ASPECTS) concerning this case. For instance, I do not need case precedents named in defense of each Justice's conclusion on whether or not the party is guilty, citations of laws that say a party is guilty or not, etc. An example of a philosophical argument that I am looking for would be utilitarianism; for example, a number of people killing and eating another in this specific situation would yield the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people involved, and so on. I do not need you to explain in great detail, just tell me what to keep in mind as I am writing this so I don't miss anything.

    An example of what I need from you would be: "Look at Justice X regarding utilitarianism." That's all I need. I want at least five different philosophical issues to explain, and if you tell me what Justices to look at regarding each issue that would be fantastic.

    Please do not explain any more than you need to, but PLEASE be clear. I just wish to make sure everything is covered and makes sense. Most likely I will have already covered everything, but I wish to be very thorough with this paper; if you have any books I should be looking at, by all means please list them. This paper is due in approximately 2 weeks, but I have other major projects to do and would like to finish it as soon as I can. This interesting case is an easy read, and is not particularly long.

    Here is the link to the case: http://www.nullapoena.de/stud/explorers.html.

    Thank you for this assistance.

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    Solution Summary

    Referring to Fuller's "The Case of the Speluncean Explorers" (Phil. of Law), this solution analyzes each judge's decision based on one ethical/philosophical approach (e.g. utilitarian, natural law theory, etc.).