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Can I please have some information with references on a Anger Excited Rapist.

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Anger rape is when the rapist uses sexuality as a means of expressing and discharging feelings of pent-up anger and rage. The assault is characterized by physical brutality. Far more actual force is used in the commission of the offense than would be necessary if the intent were simply to overpower the victim and achieve sexual penetration (Groth and Birnbaum, p. 12). The victim is almost always beaten, usually severely: The rapist often approaches his victim by striking or beating her, tears her clothing, and uses profane and abusive language (Groth, Burgess, and Holmstrom, p. 1241). The assault is often impulsive and spontaneous, rather than premeditated (Groth and Birnbaum, p. 14). FROM: www.rapecrisisonline.com - it was in one of their articles

IV. Anger Excitation
(AKA Sadistic rapist)

Method of attack: Con

A. Fantasy Behavior


-The rapist will initially say things that lower the victims guard

-The rapist reads the victim and says things meant to gain trust and confidence while enticing them away from safe areas.

-During the rape, the rapist may demand to be called a certain name to indicate victim subservience(Sir, Master, Lord, etc.)

-The rapist may ask "Does it hurt?" or "Did that hurt?"

-"Beg for more."

-Will call the victim demeaning, humiliating names attesting to his view of their worthlessness (bitch, slut., whore, etc.)

2. Sexual Behavior

-The rapist has an extensive collective of pornography

-Sexually stimulated by the victims response to the infliction of physical and emotional pain

-Rapes may be rehearsed in private and with compliant victims (i.e.- wife or girlfriend)

-Sexual bondage apparatus and behaviors will be involved

-Sexual experimentation on victim, including biting, insertion of foreign objects in vagina or anus, and the use of sexual torture devices

-Prefers anal sex followed in frequency by forced fellatio

-Prefers ejaculation on ...

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Explanation of an anger excited rapist - there are three different types of rapists, one who is anger excited is one kind.

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