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Early release of convicts and other questions

1. Do you support the idea of "Placing criminals in prisons benefits everyone". Why or why not? Please give reasons for your answers.

2. Do you support this idea on the practice of the early release of convicts from jails and prisons and allowing them to complete the remaining part of their sentences in the community? Why or why not? Please give reasons for your answers.

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1) There are two sides to this issue, that's for sure! It's a hot topic. Following the sentence, the convicted criminal is immediately escorted out of the courtroom, placed in the prison van and to taken behind the high walls of the prison. No other sentence is seen to have this immediacy ro formality. Those in favor of prison as a method cite many reasons. First, prison is the only way of ensuring that criminals are taken out of circulation. Alternatives to prison, by their very nature, are riskier. The offender is, after all, still 'on the street', and the public is still at risk; victims of violent crime are at risk of retaliation. Other reasons include the theory that prison necessary to give inmates such a shock that it alters their behavior. An alternative would be too "soft." Prison is the most ...

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Early release of convicts is considered in pros and cons.