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    Criminal Law and Procedure - Investigation Powers

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    I need some ideas on how to start my essay on the topic of ' A fair trial is one of the fundamental aims of criminal procedure. Discuss this statement in the context of Victorian and federal coercive investigative powers.'


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    This statement that is given by the Victorian criminal justice system is predicated upon the belief that each person has the right to a fair and just trial. To accomplish this mission requires for the criminal justice system to provide individual protections that safeguard against malicious prosecution of any individual and to ensure that the courts, police, and other actors within the criminal justice system don't abuse their ability to confine, arrest, search, and seize evidence against citizens of the country. The most important facet of a fair trial and the providing of the fundamental rights for citizens is to ensure that the person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is the primary tenet of a just and fair criminal justice system, which is the primary concern associated with fairness in Victoria.

    Therefore, from the beginning of a suspects' exposure to the criminal justice system, the suspect is afforded protections that attempt to ensure that the suspect is given a fair and just experience with the system. ...

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    This solution of over 700 words describes the Victorian Justice System in relation to a fair trial in a criminal procedure. It contains suggestions how to conceptualize the topic for an essay format.