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Rediscovery of crime victims

In Andrew Karmen's discussion on the Rediscovery of Crime Victims, it is said that laws create criminals and formally define persons as victims at the same time. What is meant by this statement? In your discussion address the failures of the system to meet the needs of victims. In addition discuss how victims are victimized a second time by the media, those selling products, and finally why it is important to assist the victims.

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First of all, as you explicate Andrew Karmen's discussion on the Rediscovery of Crime Victims, I feel that he is definitely inferring that our criminal justice system is highly biased, actually perpetuating some of the criminal tendencies, and letting down victims due to its flaws as he says that "laws create criminals." What do you think? I think he is further criticizing how exploitative our laws have become and how the opposite effects of their intents seem to permeate our criminal justice system currently.

As you then dissect how he also ...

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