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Natural and Legal Crimes

This job compares and contrasts the concepts of "natural crime?and "legal crime.? List each of the major crimes used by the FBI in its crime index. Decide which of those crimes might be considered mala in se (wrong in itself) or mala prohibita (wrong only because it is prohibited by law). Include a rationale for your decisions.
Please cite any references used.

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Natural crimes are crimes that are wrong in itself (mala in se) meaning that the person committing the crime knows that it is wrong and what circumstances may occur as a result of the crime. Examples of natural crimes include: murder, rape, theft, vandalism.

Legal crimes are mala prohibita and they are crimes that are only crimes because the law says that are crimes. Legal crimes are crimes because they are prohibited - there is a law in place saying so. Natural crimes are crimes that are "evil" or "wrong" no matter what the circumstance, place, etc.

The crimes used by the FBI in the crime index are as follows:

VIOLENT CRIMES INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES: murder, non negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault. All of the these crimes are considered natural crimes in that they are wrong within ...

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The differences between natural crimes and legal crimes; what makes them different from each other and examples of crimes that fall into each of the categories of natural and legal crime.