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    Misconduct by Officials that Violate Constitution

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    What are three examples of misconduct committed by police, prosecutors, or other criminal justice officials that may prove to be violations of constitutional rights? Also, what can be done to fix this problem and monitor it?

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    1) Violations of the sixth amendment by police and prosecutors (in this example happening in Las Vegas Valley in Nevada) by withholding evidence from the defense.- http://truthinjustice.org/LV-misconduct.htm- there are different state laws that regulate how much evidence should be disclosed to the opposing side, however, in the case of prosecutors who work closely with state crime investigators, it becomes an issue as evidence that could clear the defendant is being withheld by the defense.

    There is no great fix to this problem because it is all regulated by the state, from the state investigators to the District Attorney who works closely with the investigators. As long as there are elections to elect the District Attorney, corruption will exist and wrongful tactics will be used. The only way to avoid this ...