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Mapping Program and Strategy Formation

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You will now have the opportunity to use a mapping program that is used in the state of Massachusetts. You are going to work your way down to one house and will look at this house as a SWAT team exercise.

As instructed below, you will go to the state's mapping Web site to see its actual mapping program. You will utilize the state's mapping to address the questions below. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Go to http://www.mass.gov/mgis/mapping.htm
In the center of the web site is the link entitled "Oliver - The MassGIA Online Data Viewer and Editor". Click this link and wait for the map to appear.
In the upper right hand corner of the map there is a link entitled "Pick a municipality." Type in the box the name "Salisbury".
The map will change with the name "Salisbury" appearing on a white background.
Go to the bottom right hand section of the map entitled "Basemaps" and click. A list of custom basemaps will appear. Look for and select "Google Satellite" and click.
The street with the residences will appear. You need to use the pan bottom, located on the map and above the zoom tab. Pan to the right and the residence will appear. Note: The aerial view of the residence will be from the rear. Any views of the doors and windows at the residence are not visible from the aerial view. The red vehicle is parked in the driveway in front of the garage and what appears to be a black vehicle is parked behind it. The front of the residence is not visible and it is not clear as to whether or not the residence is two-story.
Conduct an assessment of the residence and the neighborhood. Use the following questions to help you conduct the assessment. Add any questions to this list that you think will help in conducting this assessment.

How many stories does the residence have?
What direction is the residence facing?
Are there any residences located near the target location?
Describe the residences
Where are these residences located?
Describe the location
Does the residence have a fenced backyard?
Are there any odd or unique entities about the backyard worth noting? (Examples are swimming pool, a lot of trash in the yard, vehicles in the yard).
Describe the details.
Once you have completed your assessment, compose a narrative that uses the information you compiled in your assessment and that answers the following questions: Questions

If you were heading a SWAT team, in which direction would you advance to get to this house?
Is there a wooded area?
Is there any cover?
Look at the surrounding area. Do you see a place to advance from the rear? Would this type of mapping help you and how?

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The map of a locality is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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Step 1
The residence has two stories. The view from the back of the residence shows that there are two stories. The direction of the residence is north. There is a slight inclination towards west. I have decided on the direction because I have assumed that the residence faces the driveway. I have also assumed that the residence faces the direction of the main road.

Step 2
There is another residence located to the South-west of the target residence. This residence is one storied. This I have determined because the shadow of the second residence appears to be about half the size of the target residence. This residence is also facing the main road. The general direction of this residence is north. There is a slight tilt of the residence towards west. There is no driveway that connects direct with this residence. However, on the western side of this residence ...

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