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International crimianl laws.

You and your best friend are heading out on two month vacation and plan to visit five destinations. The day before you are set to leave your friend tells you that it has always been her dream to steal something very valuable from each of these five locations, and that during the vacation she plans to make her dream come true. As much as you try to persuade her not to, you are certain that she will try to carry out her plan and that she will get caught. You and your friend set off for vacation with the following itinerary:

(a) Sightseeing in Great Britain
(b) Visiting famous museums and shopping in France
(c) Visiting the holy landmarks in Saudi Arabia
(d) Backpacking through various sites in China
(e) Shopping for bargains on several Navajo reservations in Arizona

For each of the five places on the itinerary, summarize the following:

1- The family of law followed
2- How disputes are settled
3- How your friend's theft would be dealt with under the law in the country. Specifically, what type of legal proceedings could she expect? What type of punishment might be applied?
4- Identify any other factors for consideration. Specifically, would the fact that your friend is female impact her treatment under the law? Would the fact that she was a foreigner in the country impact her treatment under the law?
5- Based on your knowledge, for the scenario, is the law fair? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
6- Evaluate each countries legal system and the possibility of justice within that system. Provide examples of the impact on the social system and the people of the country.

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a. Sightseeing in Great Britain

Common Law is predicated upon judicial jurisprudence wherein decisions rendered by judges set the precedent for other rulings in the future. This is the form of law practiced by former colonies of The United Kingdom such as America. Under this law the young lady would be arrested and probably given bail. She would then face a minor criminal trial depending on the amount of value for the theft. Access to a lawyer would be granted and she would be presumed innocent until proven guilty. She would not be treated any different because she is a woman.

An example would be a famous movie star (Wynona Judd) who stole expensive jewelry several years back and was given probation after being tried and convicted in common court.

b. Visiting famous museums and shopping in France

Civil law is predicated upon Napoleonic doctrine wherein the precedents and statutes set forth hundreds of years ago represent the legal precedent and only legislative measures can change these paradigms. If the defendant were suspected of a crime under this form of law they would be guilty until proven innocent, and forced to prove their own innocence. Fortunately, ...

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This solution gives student's the outline of potential criminal charges that may be faced if they were to engage in crime in countries outside the United States. Including within this assessment are Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, China, and an Indian reservation in America. Although the Indian reservation is not another country, it is governed by separate law other than that of the state in which the Indian tribe resides. The impetus for this solution is to provide students with a well-rounded idea of different criminal laws around the world.