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The History of Recreational Drug Use and Abuse: History, Legality and Legislation

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Speak about the history of drug use, abuse, and addiction as it has developed over the centuries.

Historically, which drugs have had the biggest impact on the world? Explain.

Which drugs are most abused today? Explain.

What has been the legality of drug use throughout history? Punishments? Explain.

What do you think is best course of action with regard to drug abuse in today's world? Why?

For example:
What types of legislation help heal individuals and families? What types of legislation increase the problems associated with this issue?

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Drug use and abuse has been recorded throughout the history of mankind. The caveat to this statement is that only recently within the last few hundred years has laws been concocted to attempt to circumvent what has been human nature. Drugs and humans using drugs have been as common as humans eating food or drinking water. Beginning with the fomenting of grapes into wine resulting in the first rudimentary form of alcohol, drugs have been an integral part of the human psyche. Many cultures both ancient as well as some currently have used drugs for therapeutic and holistic reasons while others have experimented with them for their mind altering capabilities. In reference to the drug that has had the widest impact around the world the consensus would dictate that alcohol is the most widely used and abused drug in the world today.

The discovery of how to make alcohol was a pivotal point in the history of mankind because this drug has come to represent many different parallels in many different cultures with the constant remaining that every country in the world today has some variation of alcoholic beverages in their coffers. During the reign of pharaohs and kings one constant that permeated society in both poor and rich people's lives was historically alcohol. Poor and rich alike used it for ...

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The history of recreational drug use and abuse is determined. The drugs which are the most abused today are determined.