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Forensics: Exoneration by DNA

Create a presentation on an overview of the organization, including a summary of a case where DNA testing has exonerated an innocent person.
Provide a brief description of the organization and how it was created.
Research, identify, and chronicle a case where a defendant was exonerated by DNA evidence.
Analyze and describe your impressions of the case and its resolution

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The Innocence Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to proving the innocence of those accused of violent crimes and murder through DNA evidence. There are numerous cases listed on their site of those who were exonerated through the use of DNA, such as the case of Joseph Abbitt from North Carolina.

On May 2, 1991, in Winston-Salem, two sisters ages 13 and 16, awoke to get ready for school when they discovered an intruder in their home. He raped both of the girls at knifepoint and bound their hands and feet. Both girls identified the man Joseph Abbitt as the ...

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This posting is an overview of where DNA has exonerated an innocent person. It details a real case and how everything came to be for the accused party.