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Defining Justice

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What is the definition of justice? What are the various components of justice? How are these components of justice applied throughout the criminal justice system? How would you describe utilitarianism as it pertains to justice and security issues?

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A definition of justice is defined. The expert finds the various components of justice is determined.

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Justice is relative to the eye of the beholder as someone could view the death penalty as just for murder while another person could view this as barbaric advocating for life in prison instead. Another person could advocate for 20 years with the possibility of parole for murder. Therefore, when attempting to define justice it is imperative to understand that this term cannot be definitively explained. I will focus on the system of criminal justice and what it attempt to provide in terms of justice for victims and society when crimes are committed or civil injuries occur.

The criminal justice system is a byproduct of the social contract theory promulgated by Thomas Hobbes wherein the societal members were instructed to give up previous inalienable tribal rights such as revenge, retribution, and personal ...

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