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    Computer Crime and Hate Crime

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    What types of exploitations that can occur on the Internet and the typical characteristics of victims of Internet exploitation crimes?

    What is hate crimes and provide three examples of different types of hate crimes.

    What are some weaknesses associated with US intelligence in light of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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    1. Child exploitation in the form of child pornography is the most common type of exploitation of the internet. The characteristics of the victims are usually children under the age of 18 and usually comes from a source where child abuse is prevalent. Another type of exploitation of children occurs when children under 18 are lured by adults through the internet and then abused or worse. This happens mostly on internet chatrooms or through social web sites where many profiles exist and age is rarely checked.

    Another less common type of exploitation is financial exploitation over the internet where unwary consumers are asked for private information including credit card numbers and social security numbers under false pretenses. After the information is given, the numbers are used to buy products that the consumer never authorizes and is not ...