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Acts of Corruption:

Please provide opinion on the following:

Visit the Web site. This site is an example of a "watchdog" site. The site's authors look for improper dealings in government and report them.

Look through the site and find an example of something that you believe is improper or corrupt. Describe it.

Are these examples of actual corruption or just examples of politics as usual? Whose job do you think it should be to monitor public officials for possible corruption? Do you think there should be a law preventing people with certain crimes in their past from running from public office? Why?

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The example I chose was "Dimon, JPMorgan Chase Have History with Senate's Banking Panel" and it is significant because of the conflicts of interest highlighted in the article. JP Morgan Chase bank recently reported a $2 billion loss on questionable practices conducted by their employees. This resulted in a congressional investigation by a senate committee that has had financial contributions from the CEO of Chase, Jamie Dimon. In addition Chase has also provided political contributions to both democrats and republicans sitting on the committee (Open Secrets, 2012).

Therefore, issues of impropriety can be inferred because these senate committee members are supposed to ...

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