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    Explain the type of legal system present in South Korea.
    Explain the courtroom workgroup in the chosen country.
    Analyze the process of proving and determining guilt.
    Evaluate the defendant rights in the chosen country and compared them with defendant's right in the United States.
    Explain the path of appeal available to a defendant.
    Analyze and evaluate different aspects of the reviewed system that would be of benefit in the United States.

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    The Korean legal system belongs to the Continental Inquisitorial system which is markedly different from those of the English adversarial system. Prosecutors have huge discretion and are the foremost authority on whether a criminal case is started or stopped as the police are under their control. Judges within the civil law tradition have the autonomy to examine in private evidence provided in criminal cases.

    Proving guilt in this type of civil law tradition is ...

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    The types of legal systems present in South Korea are determined. The courtroom workgroup in South Korea are provided.