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    Litigation Against Law Enforcement Officials

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    Do you think that there is a trend in this country towards stopping litigation against law enforcement officials? Do you agree with the decisions in these cases? Why or why not? Do officers have enough to worry about without being concerned with potential lawsuits? Should we eliminate the ability of citizens to sue government in the kinds of cases in these examples?

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    The trend in the country at stopping litigation isn't a trend at all but represents the attempt to prevent what some consider overzealous lawyers attempting to capitalize off of abuse of power by police officers. The litigation is valid because many officers abuse their power and abuse suspects while in custody. Police officers are answerable to the public as they work for and serve the interests of the public. Therefore, any slight of justice against the public must be taken very seriously as it is a violation of the tenets of justice. Public citizens pay the salaries of police ...

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    The litigation against law enforcement officials are determined. The potential lawsuits are examined.