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    Lieberman study today

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    Looking at the Lieberman study, consider that it was published in 2002, so is roughly 15 years old at this point. Moreover, the data cohort was from 1973-1995, so 20-40 years old. Do the findings still hold merit? Are there arguments available that perhaps this study has aged past its usefulness, and newer information is available? Or has little changed and the concepts Liebman brought forth still valid?

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    Looking at the Lieberman study, even though it was published in 2002, its findings remain valid today. The study reported that the overall rate of prejudicial error in the American capital punishment was 68%. The findings still hold merit. The legal system in the US still has the same flaws. Innocent people may still be given capital punishment. The chances of mistake remain the same. The reasons are that the trial system is the same, the prejudice against minority's remains, and ...

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