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Disputes and Protests

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Your fourth client of the day, Wayne Reliford, of Reliford food services, has just stopped in. Wayne tells you that he thinks the recent award of a food service contract on Camp Apache, a nearby Marine Base, to another company and competitor of Reilford food services, was improperly managed by the Government. Performance on the contract has not begun. Wayne thinks the Government failed to properly apply its own source selection evaluation criteria in evaluating the proposals. He also believes, based on his twenty five (25) years in the industry that he must have been the actual low bidder . He wants to know whether he can file a dispute, a protest or both. He also wants to know how to file whatever you advise him to file, where it will be heard, and what the procedures are.

What do you tell him and why?

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The right to "protest" a defective bid or the award of a contract to another bidder is done when the contractor disagrees with the government's decision wherein the contract was not awarded to the contractor. The right to "dispute" against the government occurs when the contractor has been awarded the contract and ...

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Almost 200 words to advise a client wanting to file a dispute or protest against a Government decision to go with another company's proposal.